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Christy Nelson

Christy Nelson

Office Manager

Christy, our Office Manager, is the driving force behind our office operations, guaranteeing seamless efficiency and optimal workflow. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Christy brings a diverse skill set to the table.

In addition to her expertise in standard accounting principles, computer networking, and a range of software applications, Christy is deeply committed to client satisfaction. From onboarding new clients to managing updates to accounts and providing online support, she ensures that every client receives top-notch service tailored to their needs.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Christy is passionate about arts and crafts, finding solace in activities like gardening, watercolor painting, and camping. She also cherishes her time spent with her beloved pets, enriching her life with love and companionship.

With her warm demeanor and dedication to excellence, Christy is the friendly voice you'll hear when you reach out to our office, ready to assist you and our team of advisors in pursuing your financial goals.


Christy acts as a non-registered associated person of LPL Financial, LLC.  She is authorized to assist LPL Financial Advisors with LPL Financial, LLC with approved activities.  She is prohibited from soliciting, creating a market or account for any securities, investment advisory or insurance services.  These activities are the sole responsibility of the LPL Financial Advisor(s) she supports.  In addition, she is not authorized to enter into any contractual obligations on behalf of LPL Financial, LLC. or otherwise bind the firm.

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